Updated information on Covid-19

Updated information on Covid-19 VIEW
Office order regarding COVID 19 pandemic-17.01.2022 View
Office Order for Vaccination (COVID-19) View
DAM Office Order 30-06-2021 View
Govt Circular on COVID up to 7 July View
Office Order on time schedule of Ramadan View
Face to Face Meeting suspended due to CORONA Virus View
Office Order 04.11.2020 View
Office Order 20.7.2020 View
Update information on COVID19 View
Fever Corner Guideline View
Guideline for Clinical Setup for prevent Corona Virus View
Guideline for Infection Prevention in Workplace – Revised View
Pictorial health protection direction for workplace View
Disinfect procedure of PPE View
Bleaching powder View
COVID19 Guideline v7 View
Decontamination View
Health Sector-Office Order View
Duty Roster View
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Office Order_03-06-2020 (Mask Use) View
DAM Health Sector: COVID-19 Bulletin 1 View
Office Circular & Health Rules View
Extension of General Leave for CORONA Virus View
Office Order-Nogor Dola View
Leave Letter 05-05-2020 View
Office Time during Ramadan View
Extension of General Leave for CORONA Virus View
ToR for the IPC Committee View
Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in worriedness of COVID 19 View
Hello! May I get your kind attention please? View
Hello!! Attention please. Yes sir, we are talking about the treatment of drug dependents. View
Leave Letter 12-04-2020 View
Extention Corona virus Leave View
Office Order 02.04.2020 View
Protective masks, gloves and hand sanitizer use guideline View
AMSSF Leaflet-27/03/2020 View
IPC Module for COVID-19 for frontline HCW-23/03/2020 View
SOP Environmental Disinfectant-21/03/2020 View
Personal Protective Equipment-20/03/2020 View
Few tips for health service Providers to protect covid 19 View
Khudba on Corona Virus-HSDAM View
Guidelines for Ukhiya and Teknaf Camp Drivers View
Office Order from Health Sector regarding Covid19 (Corona Virus) epidemic View
DAM Office Order-25.03.2020 View
Guideline for Community Health Worker View
DAM’s initiatives to ensure services for beneficiaries and service providers View
E_DAM COVID19 Guideline for Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers English View
AMIC Guideline for Drug Treatment Center Bangla View
Managing mental health and psychosocial well-being during COVID-19 outbreak (Facebook live session on 23 March) View
Stay safe and ensure others safety ~ DAM Health Sector (Facebook live session on 21 March) View
AMIC Guideline for Staff Management COVID19 View
COVID19 Preparedness Meeting Minutes View
DAM HS Notice Covid-19 View
Coronavirus Leaflet Update View
DAM Office Circular 10.03.2020 View
Coronavirus DAM Committee View
Coronavirus 12 March Updated information View
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Coronavirus 13 February Updated information View
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