Sewing Machine Giving Ceremony

Department of social welfare has given a sewing machine to ex-prisoner Eva Akhtar Akhi on 22/05/2017.  She successfully completed tailoring and dress making training in outside prison through IRSOP project. Honorable District Commissioner of Mymensingh Mr. Khalilur Rahma handed over the sewing machine. Dr. Khalilur Rahman, Civil Surgeon, Mr. Arif Ahmmed Khan, Additional District Commissioner, Mr. Abdul Jalil Senior Jail Super and other members of Jail visit committee were presented in sewing machine handover ceremony. The sewing machine was a fruitful outcome of an excellent teamwork among DAM-GIZ-IRSOP Mymensingh team CCC, department of social welfare and Jail authority. The beneficiary was found incredible happy and expressed that it was a dreamlike achievement for her and this support will give a new breath in her struggling life. She is very much grateful to all concern for this benign support.