Senior Citizen Residence – Hena Ahmed Shanti Nibash

Senior Citizen Residence - Hena Ahmed Shanti Nibash

Senior Citizen Residence – Hena Ahmed Shanti Nibash

(Managed by Dhaka Ahsania Mission)

Introduction: Almost 7% of the Bangladesh population consists of senior citizens and the number is increasing day-by-day. According to National Policy on Older Persons 2013 and United Nations, any person at or above 60 years of age is considered as a senior citizen. A significant portion of this population cannot live with their families for various reasons. In order to ensure their appropriate care, proper dignity, scopes for suitable entertainment and adequate health checkups; Hena Ahmed Shanti nibash (a 40 beds Senior Citizen residence) has been established in the Alampur village of Hasara Union under Sreenagar Upazilla of Munshiganj district. Health Sector of Dhaka Ahsania Mission is managing the Hena ahmed Shanti Nibash.

The services of the Shanti Nibash include –

  • Safe, hygienic, immaculate and pollution-free accommodation
  • Quality food
  • Regular health checkup from adjacent Hena Ahmed Hospital
  • Scopes for leisure activities
  • Scopes for engaging with social activities
  • Experienced and cordial staff
  • Ensuring social acknowledgement and dignity
  • 24 hour ambulance and healthcare services

Each room contains –

  • Bed (including mattress)
  • Pillows, bed sheets
  • Blankets
  • Night stands, chairs, clothes line
  • Locker
  • Wash room (with commode)

Eligibility for admission:

  • Psychologically sound Bangladeshi senior citizens who are able to perform their daily activities by themselves are eligible to get admitted in Shantinibash

Accommodation Facilities: (charge applicable)

Single room

– Double room in single bed

Single bed in shared room for more than two people

Health checkup at admission (RBS, FBS, RME, SGPT, S. Creatinine), CBC, Hb%, Lipid profile, ECG, Chest Xray

Monthly health checkup (RBS, FBS, RME, ECG)

Requirements for admission –

  • Passport sized photo (two), photocopy of NID, medical certificate from Hena Ahmed Hospital
  • Presence of the legal guardian (son, daughter, siblings or close relatives) and two witnesses
  • Passport sized photo (two), photocopy of NID and signed declaration of the legal guardian
  • Presence of two witnesses at admission, their signature, contact address, telephone/mobile number, passport sized photo (two) and photocopy of NID
  • Deposit of six months fee in advance (refundable)


For details information, please contact –

Hena Ahmed Shantinibash

(Managed by Dhaka Ahsania Mission)

Alampur, Hasara, Sreenagar, Munshiganj

Phone: 02-58151114, 01715496782, www.amic

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