Online training on “Operational Preparedness for Tackling Physical and Psychological Burden of COVID19″


COVID 19 has been declared as a global pandemic by WHO. While more than 23,615,033 cases have been reported worldwide, Bangladesh is among one of the nations who has been fighting to prevent and treat COVID19 since the first patient was confirmed on 8 March 2020. Local transmission in our community has been confirmed. With the limited resources in our country, we have been strongly fighting the battle to overcome COVID19 outbreak.

In the present context, Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) conducting trainings to ensure health services and enhances efficiency of health workers. Before providing the training, DAM has formed a resource person pool and developed training module. After that, Health Sector has started to provide training to the health service professionals, GO and NGO officials, drug addiction professionals by using internet/online platform. Total 780 personnel from different sectors through 22 batches were received training on “Operational Preparedness for Tackling Physical and Psychological Burden of COVID-19”. The online training was organized for Prison Staffs, DAM Staffs, Drug Addiction Professionals, SANJOG (a network of drug treatment centres) members, NAHAB members, and IRSOP PNGOs members. Participants joined the training using online platform and received certificates & training module for attending this training.


  • Almost 780 personnel from different sectors professionals have received this training.
  • Total 158 PNGO staffs who are working with prisoners received online training and using the knowledge and mobilizing prisoners about COVID19
  • Till August’20, total 161 prison staffs (technical and non-technical) received online trainings and using the knowledge at their work place and providing services confidently. They also strengthen their mental and technical knowledge which will help them to support manage the prisoners in this pandemic situation. This training is continuing and DAM will provide this training to 34 batches total 680 prison staffs of 68 prisons in Bangladesh.
  • Above 300 health professionals got the knowledge about COVID 19 and provided right information and services to the mass people by ensuring minimum health safety.
  • Total 87 drug addiction professionals were received this training.
  • DAM developed partnership with Prison Directorate, Bangladesh; National Alliance of Humanitarian Actors Bangladesh; SANJOG (a network of drug treatment centres) and International Committee of the Red Cross, Bangladesh through this online training program.

Start Date: March’20 to till now.