Higher level Advocacy meeting and producing advocacy related material, Save the Children /“GFATM RCC Phase -2” Project

The Government of Bangladesh is committed to limit the spread of HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh as a higher priority public health issue. In Collaboration with the MOHFW and NASP, Save The Children began managing the HIV/AIDS program in 2004 with funding support from the Global Fund. Based on the satisfactory performance ,The global fund awarded Bangladesh with an additional 6 years fund termed as “Rolling Continuation Channel (RCC)” supporting the project titled “Expanding HIV prevention in Bangladesh (2009-2015)” with the view of establishing “one program for accessing better result and impact. Considering the current HIV and AIDS situation in Bangladesh and create enabling environment for effective implementation of MARP program there is a strong need for Higher level advocacy among parliamentarians, different key ministries, Law enforcing agencies, journalists, relevant will support and facilitate the implementation of different targeted interventions. AMIC is working in this Projects as a implementing agency major activities of the projects are- 1.Orient &Update focal points on HIV and AIDS of 17 ministries including their concerned departments, 2.Orient &Update policy makers of different ministries to support policies and program on HIV and AIDS, 3.Advocacy workshop with relevant officials of ministry of home affairs on implementation of harm reduction program, 4.Advocacy materials (Printed, video and other agreed format).