Certificate given ceremony on Beautician course at Kashimpur Female Central Jail

A certificate given ceremony was held on 24 March 2018 at Kashimpur Female Central Jail after completion on Beautician course as part of skill development initiative inside prison.  The Senior Jail Super Md. Shahjahan Ahmed was the Chief Guest of that program and handed over the certificate among the participants who has successfully completed this course. In that program Umme Jalma, Jailor, Ms. Anwara, Metron and other respective prison authority DAM-GIZ-IRSOP staff and Trainer of that course were present there. The certified participants were 29 out of 31 participants. Course duration was 40 working days. Senior Jail Super of Kashimpur Female Central Jail Md. Shahjahan Ahmed told to the participants that “Bangladesh has lack of skilled personnel, all of you received certificate on this beautician training with practical demonstration. It’s a great opportunity for all of you that you may utilize this training knowledge after being release because now beautician profession is very emerging and demandable profession. All of you can earn through implement your training knowledge both urban and rural area. The training was started on 26 November 2017. During this training period prison authority and project staff monitored and guided the training on regular basis.