Advocacy & Media Campaign on Illicit Tobacco Trade

The illicit trade of cigarettes is a serious public health concern, cigarettes sold at a lower price result in an increase in consumption, especially for the poor and minors. Smuggling in Bangladesh is an untouched issue within the provisions of the Tobacco Control Act 2005 and the strengthening of tobacco control law and policies is necessary to fight against smuggling.
Worldwide, particularly in Bangladesh, there is strong focus on the detrimental health effects associated with tobacco use. Different activities are being undertaken, number of seminar, workshop, training and others campaign are being organized at international level to address the adverse effect of tobacco use. However, illicit tobacco trade is an untouched issue in Bangladesh. To address illicit trade issue this project will focus on advocacy with governments on combating illicit trade activities at different levels. It aims to build the capacity of respective NGOs, media person on the issue of illicit tobacco trade. The project will have special emphasis on mass media campaigns for the decision makers and to sensitize them about illicit trade of tobacco products. This project will also collect the international model legislations on illicit trade combat, with the information being used to create materials to be used in workshops and other events. This project will involve the national NGO forum for strengthening the cooperation and mutual support to combat illicit trade of tobacco product.