Treatment Centers

Drug Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre
Bangladesh with a population of 150 million faces many challenges including drug that has become an issue due to its geographical location, poverty and illiteracy. Although there is no precise figure of the drug dependant people, but is estimated around 4.0 million people mostly youths are dependant to some from of drugs, and increased trend among all kinds of people is alarming. Comparing to this situation there is still very few treatment and rehabilitation facilities in the country. In the public Sector there is only one detoxification centre with 40 beds and, in the private sector few facilities with desired standard is inadequate to demand of drug treatment services. Moreover, the private sector is too costly for the drug users of the middle-class families and poor families can not even think of it.
Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM), on this situation, has come forward for detection and treatment of the drug users. Two Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre for the Drug dependants have been established in 2004 and 2005 with a strategy for increased facilities and coverage.
Recovery and rehabilitation of drug users in their personal, social and familial life and to reduce the risk behaviors among the drug dependants clients by providing comprehensive treatment.
The Objectives of the Treatment & Rehabilitation Centres are to provide:
Need based appropriate and quality treatment service to the drug users
Counseling both to the clients as well as to their family members to change their attitudes towards each other
Life skill training to reduce the risk behavioral pattern and to cope up the circumstances.
Vocational skill development training for economic rehabilitation of the recovering drug users, together with referral services for jobs
Experience sharing, collaboration and research in various aspects of drugs and drug dependants
Strengthen the referral mechanism and linkages with other agencies.
The Drug Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre is located in a spacious building in Gazipur on a big area of 1.5 Acre situated in a peaceful and natural location near the National Park and another one is located in old area of Dhaka city.
Facilities of Treatment & Rehabilitation Centers
To start with there are 50 Beds in the centre with provision for expansion up to 150 beds. Centers have all necessary modern facilities for taking care and treatment of the drug dependants- there are adequate staff to address the needs of the clients. Sufficient space for recreation – arrangement for various out- door and in door sports and games, library and prayer room etc. are available. In a word, the facilities are sufficient enough to meet the physical and mental needs of the clients.
Dealing with the treatment of the drug dependents is a complex matter and there is possibly and no cure all for all the clients. Both centers uses a combination of programmes which include therapeutic community and 12-steps programmes of narcotics anonymous. All clients go through the 14 day detoxification. period and soon after completing this stage the long term treatment and rehabilitation program for a period of six months or three months start where include many components like psychosocial education, counseling , occupational therapy, following the basic tents of therapeutic community.
Admission Procedure
All male drug dependants irrespective of religion, caste and creed are eligible for admission in the center and families of the dependants must be motivated to get the services of the center for the full course of six months and a psychological assessment and pre-admission health checkup are done to decide eligibility for the services. If the clients are eligible for admission, a particular treatment plan are prepared on the basis of his need and he is provided treatment accordingly.
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