Things to do with our child

Pass good time with your child

  • Try to build a nice & friendly relationship with your child by always taking with him.
  • Never stop your child while taking. Listen to his words attentively. After he has finished taking , then let him know your opinion.
  • Always keep your child busy in sports and other creative works. Never create any pressure on your child by insisting that he has to win.

Establish a good example

  • Children likes to follow their parents. if you abuse drugs and alcohol, they may imitate you.
  • One has to be honest and influenced to take drugs. Because your way of leading life will help your child to behave responsibility.

Communicate to your child’s friends

  • Respect your child’s feelings and interests.
  • Get to know your child’s friends and families.
  • Accept your child-make him feel good and confident about whom he/ she already is.
  • Do not belittle your child-especially in front of peers
  • Encourage them to share to share their doubts and experiences with you.