Addiction Management and Integrated Care (AMIC), the tobacco, drugs and HIV prevention institution of Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM), is a widely acclaimed initiative in Bangladesh.
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Symptoms if child is taking drugs

  • It won’t be right to get scared.
  • If you think, your child is in a mood of addiction then its better not to argue with him and wait till he comes back to his normal mood.
  • Never try to solve this problem alone. You have to understand that, if your child is dependant on drug, then to solve this problem, he should be given extra support.
  • Remember that drug addiction is one kind of psycho physiological problem for this long term treatment is needed.
  • You have to take the responsibility of your child work.
  • Don’t blame your self and don’t take the help of lies for saving him from relatives or any member of the family.
  • Never support his drug taking by giving money directly or indirectly.
  • Don’t believe the whole part of the stories that your Childs says to you. Always be careful about his behavior and mentality.
  • Make a plan with your child through discussion to solve their problem because if he is involved in this making of plan then it will help him to comply with it easily.
  • In this situation, you can contact with a professional drug removal worker and ask for help or advised
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