Skilled Prisoners made quality products

Quality Jute Product made by Kashimpur Central Jail-III
Quality Jute Product made by Kashimpur Central Jail-I
Cutting Jute fabrics by Jute Cutting machine at Kashimpur Central Jail-II

Training and practical work is closely interrelated. Training would not be successful if there is no consistency after end of existing training. For maintaining this consistency, Dhaka Ahsania Mission provided some Jute fabrics and Cane materials at Kashimpur-1, one Cutting machine (Jute fabrics) and some Jute fabrics at Kashimpur-2, and  some Jute fabrics at Kashimpur Central Jail-3 for establish Dofa (Production unit) and continuing ongoing Dofa on June 2018 under IRSOP project. So that trained prisoners has produced quality goods by using their acquired knowledge   and skills which they found from previous training on that trades.  After getting those raw materials, trained prisoners have produced different types of lucrative Jute bags, Cane made sofa, tea-table and rocking cradle easily within short time. At Kashimpur central Jail-1 newly established Jute and Cane Dofa after provided Handicraft (Jute) and Furniture Making (Cane) t raining and materials. Dhaka Ahsania Mission and GIZ are highly appreciated by Prison authority for this great initiative.