Recovering Corner

Decrease the quantity of drug or stop taking drug is not enough for drug free treatment. One dependent person ok that means totally avoid drug , regain physical and mental health and fully involve in social activities. During treatment period a patient house to follow their daily routine attend Session, build up good relationship with other friends, help other while working etc. the recovery person can evaluate himself by this kind of work responsibility and feedback. It worker his confident. He belief after taking treatment he can continue to prevent him from taking Drug and maintain his social & family life.
Here is some tips that helps a person can continue recovery life.

  • Began every day with plan.
  • top taking decision in stressful situation.
  • Increase Involvement/ Participate in family life.
  • Spend time with non addict friend
  • Carefully about high risk situation
  • Taken help from counselor if you fill any kinds of mental obstacles
  • Never take any medication for physical or mental problem without doctors advice
  • Contract Counselor or doctors if you fill any sexual problem
  • Such environment where drug is used should be avoided
  • If one done to go then one should be strict to say no to drug
  • Avoid those kind of work which create pressure a lot
  • Think about the bad affect of drug when you fed urge
  • Increase sharing with family
  • Always try to think positively
  • Increase Involvement entertainment
  • Physical exercise
  • Feedback