Quarterly Meeting with Prison Staff Held

Meeting at Kashimpur Central Jail-2
IRSOP project has been implementing in collaboration with government authority and development agencies. To enhance inter collaboration and coordination of IRSOP project stakeholders, three quarterly prison staff meetings were held in different prisons during reporting period. Respective Senior Jail Super or Jailor were chaired the meeting except Kashimpur Central jail -1. Meeting of KCJ-1 was chaired by Jailor on behalf of Sr. Jail Super. From the prison side Deputy Jail Super, Sergeant Instructor, Pharmacist, Head warders and Matrons attended the meeting. From GIZ- National Project Coordinator IRSOP-GIZ, Project Officer – Referral Services, IRSOP-GIZ and Project Officer – Rehabilitation, IRSOP-GIZ, from Dhaka Ahsania Mission, Field Implementation Manager cum Senior Counselor, Rehabilitation Supervisor, Counselor, and Rehabilitation Supervisor cum Counselor of DAM-GIZ-IRSOP project were attended in the deferent meeting of deferent prison site.

Meeting discussion at Kashimpur Female Central Jail
In the closing speech prison authority appreciated and thanked to GIZ and DAM to arrange such an effective meeting. They expressed that this meeting will play a vital role to develop effective coordination among all parties of IRSOP and ensure smooth implementation with quality. From DAM-GIZ-IRSOP Project also given heart through thanks to prison authority for their cooperation to implement project activity inside prison and make some effective established a skill trade inside of the prison namely “Dofa” in different jail for make sustainable of project activity.