Prisoners produced products displayed in Prison Week 2018

On 20.03.2018 Kasimpur 1, 2, 3 and 4 prisons celebrated Prison Week on 24.03.2018. In that program lots of event took place and quality manufactured products display was one of them. Last couple of years Dhaka Ahsania Mission and GIZ provided continuous supports through IRSOP project for providing skill development training in different marketable and publicly demandable trades as a part of rehabilitation of prisoners. Some trade based production unit (dofa) also was established at respective inside of the prisons through this project support. The remarkable trades and dofa’s are furniture making (fly wood), furniture making (cane) at Kashimpur Central Jail-2 & Block Batik at Kashimpur Women Central Jail. A number of cot, almirah, sofa set, dressing table, round table, secretariat table made by ply wood, rocking chair, cane chair (mora), round table, clock frame, tissue box frame, rocking chair for child (dolna) etc made by cane. Some exclusive shares, three pieces (female dress), fotwa, Panjabi (male dress), bed cloths and pillow covers were made from block batik dofa by trained prisoners at Kashimpur female central jail. The lucrative, beautiful, eye catching, mind blowing and gorgeous products attracted to customers. As a result most of the product specially blocks batik goods were sold in the first day of the week. Some prisoners already received token money as best work reward through their PCC (Prisoner cash canteen). Prisoners are keen interest to being involved themselves with production cell (dofa) inside of the prison and they are happy and confident for do something for his/ her family.