Integrated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for health and nutrition of Kaligonj (IWASH)

Project Introduction:


Kaligonj a rural area of South West areas of Bangladesh where over 48.36% of the population has no access to sanitary latrines, and where only 84.49%, tap 2%, pond 8.80% and others 4.71% of the population has access to safe water. Hygiene practices are very poor due to lack of awareness, poor facilities and poverty. Defecation in open areas is common and contamination of surface water leads to high risk of contracting waterborne diseases, often fatal. The area also has mid-levels of naturally occurring arsenic and iron contamination of water supplies. This project aims to address the above problems by working with the community and its Union Parishad (equivalent to parishad council) to develop a community-managed programme for achieving 100% sanitation by the end of the project period and provision of a safe water supply for the targeted hard core poor people within 1 kilometer of every home in the area including improved hygiene practice.



Project Agreement Number:



Specific Objectives:

  • To promote Community Managed Program (CMP) implementation process along with the involvement of local government.
  • To improve communities’ health status by providing safe water, improved/hygienic latrines.
  • To Promote improved  hygiene practice in Community and Schools
  • To improve health and nutrition among the <5 child and their mothers.


  • 09 water supply facilities (DHTWs/ PSFs) installed in un-served and under-served areas.
  • New 200 of latrine constructed and 500 latrines renovated.
  • 09 women bathing place (separate bathing corner with shade and facility of the menstrual disposal system for women as to change in habits for easy cleanliness). Especially concentrated in the rural areas where women have less facilities for taking bath/shower maintaining their privacy. At the same time it helps to maintain their reproductive health situation, especially in Menstruation period.)   Constructed for safe motherhood.
  • At least 50% of total household members of selected Unions will have improved hygiene practices. Especially hand washing in critical times.
  • 09 school toilets will be renovated at Primary School.
  • About 09 TWs platforms raised and renovated for ensuring the safe water in existing sources, considering DRR (damaged platform of existing TWs due to disaster or other default situation).
  • 09 homesteaded garden demonstration for nutrition support. (In a different courtyard session community people are discussed on nutritious food. At the same time there encourage to make gardening for taking nutritious food at low cost which will be demo in the session by cooking process and serving the foods, preservation).
  • Construction of 01 new WASH technology (water treatment plant for operating through entrepreneurship)

Project Components:



Community Managed WASH, Health and Nutrition, WASH in School, SRHR, Safe motherhood and Stunted Growth.



Major Activities:

  • A baseline study will be conducted in unions for communities identify; (We are implementing a project in this areas (CMWSH-H) funding by DAM-UK and we have all primary data of Kaligonj Upazila. Furthermore, we have collected primary data from Union Parishad, BBS, and Upazila Education Office).
  • 36 clusters and 09 CBOs of WASH CBO/community groups will be formed/activated for smoothly running the project activities.
  • Prepared joint planning by the Union Parishad with the involvement of Ward Sanitation Taskforce and CBO.
  • A hygiene education program with the community and in schools to raise awareness of the connection between hygiene, ill-health and waterborne diseases, implemented via household and school visits, workshops and events such as rallies, advertising campaigns, cultural programs and videos.
  • New 50 of latrine constructed and 500 latrines renovated by 10-15% subsidy
  • A number of people trained including Natural leaders, Adolescent,  local resources, local entrepreneur, care taker, School teacher/SMC/Students brigade/Resource Teachers are trained on WASH and primary health care (MCH).
  • Raise/Renovation of approximately 09 tube well platforms to ensure safe water from existing sources and considering DRR.
  • Renovation of 09 primary school toilets.
  • 09 women bathing place constructed by 10% subsidy for safe motherhood;
  • At least 50% of total household members of selected Unions will have improved hygiene practices. Especially Hand washing in critical times.
  • Anti Natal Care (ANC) health service which is provided to the pregnant mother before delivery /Post Natal Care (PNC) health support which provides for the lactating mother by the counselors/ Midwives, (a recent study shows that one Midwife can conduct 50% of the child birth deliveries of a union, UNFPA-The Daily Star, Dhaka Feb 18, 2016)
  • 126 SMC and teachers and 63 student brigade leaders capacitated;
  • 09 homesteaded garden demonstration for nutrition support.
  • Value based Hygiene campaign in the primary schools.
  • Construction of 01 innovative WASH technology (water treatment plant for operating through entrepreneurship). (it depends on the rapport building during the project period and who is found most suitable)
  • Skills and capacity-building program with the community and local officials to ensure that new behaviors will be sustained and new equipment and services will be maintained after the project ends.
  • Promoting Water Business through Entrepreneurships.

Project Participants (Direct):






Senior Citizen(61+)






















Project Duration : 1 August 2016 to 30 June 2018



Financial partner (Donor): DAM-UK, Human Appeal International (HAI)



Implementing partner (if any): N/A



Project Location/s and number of Field Offices: Daskin Shreepur, Kaligonj Upazila at Satkhira District.



Project Budget: 67,37,530 BDT



Number of project staffs and volunteers:


Staff (Regular)

Paid Volunteer

Non-Paid Volunteer











Contact Person: Mohammad Akter Hossain, Project Coordinator, IWASH project





Cell : 01745-868965