Immunization Platform of Civil Society in Bangladesh (IPCSB)

Bangladesh is a leading country in immunization coverage and activity. Yet there is considerable deficit in valid dose of immunization and challenge for sustainable high level coverage, Therefore a civil society of NGOs would be working alongside the MOH& FW, EPI and MOLGRD activity. Bangladesh Breastfeeding Foundation (BBF) with the support of Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization (GAVI) & Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has established a Civil Society NGO Platform called ‘Immunization Platform of Civil Society in Bangladesh (IPCSB)’. The objective of this platform is to strengthen the health systems of the Government of Bangladesh in achieving excellence of immunization with NGOs who are engaged in immunization work. This platforms mission is “Increase immunization coverage in area of low coverage, increased effort of CSO members, mass awareness, training program for immunization service provider, research, Knowledge sharing, policy implementation and advocacy”. And vision is “Have the highest level of immunization coverage in Bangladesh in the joint effort with the Government of Bangladesh and the Civil Society Organization (CSO) platform”. The Launching Ceremony of “Immunization Platform of Civil Society in Bangladesh (IPCSB)” was held 7 December 2014.12 reputed organization are member of this platform secretariat organization is CSO-Bangladesh Breastfeeding Foundation (BBF) and others organization are there are BRAC, DAM, BAPSA, RADDA, UTPS, CWDF, Nari Moitree, KMSS, BAMANEH, PSTC and Shwanirvhar Bangladesh.

The activities of this platform are-

• General Meetings with the platform.
• Conduct Community Level Campaign
• Training on Media Communication
• Technical Committee Meeting.
• Network News Letter Printing
• Celebration World Immunization Week.
• Media Events to promote Immunization.
• Dissemination of the research findings