Health & Nutrition Voucher Scheme for Poor, Extreme Poor & Socially Excluded People (PEPSEP)

Project Name: Health & Nutrition Voucher Scheme for Poor, Extreme Poor & Socially Excluded People (PEPSEP)

Project Location: Savar & Satkhira Municipalities.

Project Duration: 1st February 2018 to 31 January 2021

Name of Donor: Europe Union

Overall objective: Health and Nutrition status of urban poor is improved.

Specific objectives: 1) System established for sustainable primary health care and nutrition voucher scheme approach for the urban poor at Savar and Satkhira Municipality; 2) Increased access and utilization of comprehensive primary health and nutrition care services of 32087 urban poor of Savar and Satkhira Municipality.

Target Group: RMG (Ready Made Garments) workers, factory workers, van-rickshaw puller, daily labourer; Local Poor and Extreme Poor: fishermen, small & marginalized farmers; and Socially Excluded and Marginalized People: Dalit (Bede, Shantal, Sweeper and Potters etc.) from urban community. Total 32087 poor and extreme poor from 6417 HHs will be directly reached (35% of total poor population in 2 Municipalities).

Beneficiaries: BPL (below poverty line) populations in 2 Municipality is 91677, who will benefit from the action in the long term

Activities: Following activities are implementing through this project:

Mapping, identification, selection, and capacity assessment of private health care facilities, Develop ToR and signing agreement Development of service package and standard protocols and Training Modules for voucher service management, Training of staff of scheme operator and scheme implementers Development of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Quality Assurance Tools and Training Module; Training of Service Providers on SOP and QA Tools, Formation of Quality Assurance Team (QAT) and ensure service quality assessment Develop advocacy strategy to enhance collaboration, coordination and sustainability of the Action and continue strategic advocacy for sustainability of Voucher Scheme Develop criteria for BPL identification, conduct data collection and social mapping; Training of field staff and community volunteers on identification of poor through social mapping, distribution of vouchers Development of BCC strategy and BCC materials (print and audio-visual), Training of field staff for BCC, conduct community education: court-yard meeting, distribution of BCC materials, community drama/ popular theatre, video show Conduct baseline and end-line survey, Develop M&E Framework and Plan, Develop Brand guideline, prepare exit plan for Sustainability.


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