Health & Nutrition Voucher Scheme for Poor, Extreme Poor & Socially Excluded People (PEPSEP)

Project Name: Health & Nutrition Voucher Scheme for Poor, Extreme Poor & Socially Excluded People (PEPSEP)

Project Location: Savar & Satkhira Municipalities.

Project Duration: 1st February 2018 to 31 January 2021

Name of Donor: Europe Union

Overall objective: Health and Nutrition status of urban poor is improved.

Specific objectives: 1) System established for sustainable primary health care and nutrition voucher scheme approach for the urban poor at Savar and Satkhira Municipality; 2) Increased access and utilization of comprehensive primary health and nutrition care services of 32087 urban poor of Savar and Satkhira Municipality.

Target Group: RMG (Ready Made Garments) workers, factory workers, van-rickshaw puller, daily labourer; Local Poor and Extreme Poor: fishermen, small & marginalized farmers; and Socially Excluded and Marginalized People: Dalit (Bede, Shantal, Sweeper and Potters etc.) from urban community. Total 32087 poor and extreme poor from 6417 HHs will be directly reached (35% of total poor population in 2 Municipalities).

Beneficiaries: BPL (below poverty line) populations in 2 Municipality is 91677, who will benefit from the action in the long term

Activities: Following activities are implementing through this project:

} Mapping, identification, selection, and capacity assessment of private health care facilities, Develop ToR and signing agreement

}Development of service package and standard protocols and Training Modules for voucher service management, Training of staff of scheme operator and scheme implementers

}Development of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Quality Assurance Tools and Training Module;

}Training of Service Providers on SOP and QA Tools, Formation of Quality Assurance Team (QAT) and ensure service quality assessment

}Develop advocacy strategy to enhance collaboration, coordination and sustainability of the Action and continue strategic advocacy for sustainability of Voucher Scheme

}Develop criteria for BPL identification, conduct data collection and social mapping;

}Training of field staff and community volunteers on identification of poor through social mapping, distribution of vouchers

}Development of BCC strategy and BCC materials (print and audio-visual), Training of field staff for BCC, conduct community education: court-yard meeting, distribution of BCC materials, community drama/ popular theatre, video show

}Conduct baseline and end-line survey, Develop M&E Framework and Plan, Develop Brand guideline, prepare exit plan for Sustainability.