Addiction Management and Integrated Care (AMIC), the tobacco, drugs and HIV prevention institution of Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM), is a widely acclaimed initiative in Bangladesh.
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01. What is the duration of treatment?
The duration of the treatment in the centre is for a minimum period of 6 months and 3 months for female center. It has been observed from various studies that the relapse rate is very high in short term treatment. In consideration of the socio-economic context of Bangladesh DAM has made a provision of treatment for at least three months.

02. What is the admission procedure?
All female drug dependents irrespective of religion, caste and creed are eligible for admission in the Centre but the addicts and their families must be motivated to get the services of the centre for the full course of six months for male and three months for female center.

03. What is the procedure of treatment?
After admission of the patient initially 14 days is consider for detoxification period. In that time patient are totally in rest. In withdrawal period we provide clonodine and symptomatic treatment as well as checkup general health in regular basis. In addition to that severe physical problem we refer patient in renowned hospital and clinic.

04. How much cost of treatment?
The treatment cost is Tk. Tk.90,000/-(Ninty thousand taka only) for six months period for male center and in follow up period per month cost is Tk.15,000/- (Twelve thousand taka only) , and 60000/-(Sixty thousand taka only) for three months period for female center . This cost includes accommodation and daily food only. Others cost like medicine cost, outdoors treatment; cloths, soap, pest, brush and any other needs for the patient will be provided by the guardian.

05. What are the security measures?
The treatment center itself a secured building through strong grill work specially fabricated taking into consideration the characteristics of the patients. In the male center whole big compound is also secured by a boundary wall of 7 ft high.
The Centre has all necessary modern facilities for taking care and treatment of the drug dependents – there are adequate staff to attend the needs of the patients.

06. Is there any option to release patient before completion time of treatment?
There is no option to release patient before completion time (six months and three months for female) of treatment. But in the emergency period like death of close relatives, emergency health care for patient (Intensive Care Unit) may release the patient for minimum days before the completion time of treatment. If anyone wants to release before three month they should pay total treatment fee.

07. What are the facilities of psychiatric patient?
All drug users are not psychiatric patients. Treatment center only take care of such patients who are facing psychiatric problem due to drug use. Treatment has par-time psychiatrist, and contractual psychiatrist for female center. They provide need based treatment for psychiatric patients.

08. Is there any program for family members?
It has been observed that many of the drug addicts are the members of the broken families or from the families where internal relationship is not well. This leads to the provision of family support – in fact support for the family members is very important like drug users. The Centre is fully equipped with trained staff for giving appropriate support to the family members as well for changing their attitude towards their patients.

This program has another dimension with families to bring changes in family environment and behavior. The families of the drug users begin visiting the center each Friday, During this time; families are provided information on drug use, co-dependency and have the opportunity to share among each other as a family unit or within the larger group of clients and families. Our counselor arranges individual, couple and family counseling as per need.

09. Is there any option for recreational activities?
The center has provision of various recreation activities sports and games including TV viewing, reading books, newspapers indoor and outdoor games. There are also facilities for organizing cultural events by the clients and for the clients. In addition annual picnic and sports are organized each year for the clients inside the complex.

Sufficient space for recreation – arrangement for various indoor games, library and prayer room etc. are available.

10. What is the programme for aftercare & relapse prevention?
There is a follow-up program for the patients getting treatment for the full course of six month for male and three month for female. The patients will be eligible for attending narcotics anonymous meetings to be held in the Centre.

The follow up clients stay in the center for three months and they go home once in week. When back to the family after completion of the duration in the center, the recovering drug users encourage to form self-help groups for relapse prevention. In addition they are always encouraged to visit the center whenever they face any problem related to drugs.

11. Is there any separate cabin for patient?
There is no option for separate cabin for individual patient.

12. How many times provided foods?
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are provided for the patient from treatment center. In addition to that two times snakes also provided.

13. Can family members meet with patient in the treatment time?
Family members can meet their patient in each Friday for male center and Saturday for female center after completion of first one-month.

14. Do you have any provision of separate food for sick patient?
Yes. In this case food is provided though doctor’s recommendation.

15. What is the duration of follow up of the patient?
The duration of the follow up treatment is three months, and once or twice in a week for female center.

16. What are the treatment approaches?
Dealing with the treatment of the drug dependents is a complex matter and there is possibly and no cure all for all the clients. Both centers uses a combination of programs which include therapeutic community and 12-steps programs of narcotics anonymous. All clients go through the 14 day detoxification. period and soon after completing this stage the long term treatment and rehabilitation program for a period of six months or three months start where include many components like psychosocial education, counseling, occupational therapy, following the basic tenets of therapeutic community.

17. Location of the treatment center
Dhaka Ahsania Mission Female Drug Treatment& Rehabilitation Center
10/2, Iqbal Road, Block # A, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207
Phone: 58151114, 01748475523

Dhaka Ahsania Mission Male Drug Treatment& Rehabilitation Center Gazipur
Miah Bari Road, Gazaria Para
Rajendrapur, Gazipur-1703.
Cell # (+88) 01715-407843
(+88) 01772916102

Dhaka Ahsania Mission Male Drug Treatment& Rehabilitation Center AMIC Center, Jessore
Vekutia Sadar,
Cell # (+88) 01781355755