Family Corner

  • Curiosity: To experiment, new thrill, excitement, as a source of fun.
  • Peer pressure: To be accepted, to be popular, and to impress friends.
  • Family Factor: Broken or abusing family factors, some one in the family could also be consuming drugs.
  • Stress: To avoid and relieve stress, to increase energy to study through the night.
  • Role models: Some one in the circle of friends and acquaintance whom they look up to may be abusing drugs. It could also be a media role model or a family member.
  • Myths about social acceptance: Young people may believe that taking dugs indicates higher social, economics status, superiority, confidence and independence.
  • Self imaging: To deal with complexes of weight, beauty, sexuality, poor body concept.
  • Escapism: To forget or solve problems- financial, sexual and social.

  • Sudden change of friends, increased used of mouth fresheners and perfumes to cover the smell of alcohol, cigarettes, style of dressing.
  • Frequently borrowing money, selling possessions, stealing items from home or relatives house, school, street .
  • Negative changes in school/college / university class work, missing attendance or declining grades.
  • Deterioration of physical appearance and grooming.
  • Anger outburst, mood swings, irritability, withdrawn, antisocial, manic behavior or overall attitude change. Engaging in secretive or suspicious behavior, like making frequent trips to the restroom, or other isolated areas where drug use would be undisturbed.
  • Expressing feeling of exhaustion, depression and hopelessness.

  • It won’t be right to get scared.
  • If you think, your child is in a mood of addiction then its better not to argue with him and wait till he comes back to his normal mood.
  • Never try to solve this problem alone. You have to understand that, if your child is dependant on drug, then to solve this problem, he should be given extra support.
  • Remember that drug addiction is one kind of psycho physiological problem for this long term treatment is needed.
  • You have to take the responsibility of your child work.
  • Don’t blame your self and don’t take the help of lies for saving him from relatives or any member of the family.
  • Never support his drug taking by giving money directly or indirectly.
  • Don’t believe the whole part of the stories that your Childs says to you. Always be careful about his behavior and mentality.
  • Make a plan with your child through discussion to solve their problem because if he is involved in this making of plan then it will help him to comply with it easily.
  • In this situation, you can contact with a professional drug removal worker and ask for help or advised

  • Pass good time with your child

    • Try to build a nice & friendly relationship with your child by always taking with him.
    • Never stop your child while taking. Listen to his words attentively. After he has finished taking , then let him know your opinion.
    • Always keep your child busy in sports and other creative works. Never create any pressure on your child by insisting that he has to win.

    Establish a good example

    • Children likes to follow their parents. if you abuse drugs and alcohol, they may imitate you.
    • One has to be honest and influenced to take drugs. Because your way of leading life will help your child to behave responsibility.

    Communicate to your child’s friends

    • Respect your child’s feelings and interests.
    • Get to know your child’s friends and families.
    • Accept your child-make him feel good and confident about whom he/ she already is.
    • Do not belittle your child-especially in front of peers
    • Encourage them to share to share their doubts and experiences with you.

    Consult a doctor/counselor or you can take the child to the nearest treatment and rehabilitation center. If you need guidance, call AMIC helpline – 8151114