Drug Abuse Resistance and Understanding (DARAU) Project


Light House consortium partnering with Dhaka Ahsania Mission (AMIC), APOSH and NSKS has been implementing the project named Drug Abuse Resistance And Understanding (DARAU), since November 06, 2019, funded by USAID and UKAID along with technical assistance provided by Counterpart International. The project has been being implemented at all Upazillas of Rajshahi, 8 Wards of Rajshahi City Corporation, and 6 Upazillas of Natore.


8 wards in Rajshahi City Corporation, 6 upazilas of  Rajshahi districts and 6 upazilas,4 municipalities of  Natore district.

Linkage and Network

The project implements its activities through linkage and joint efforts of the followings –

  • Ministry of Home affairs
  • Department of Narcotics control
  • NGO Affairs Bureau
  • Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

To combat Drug Abuse in Rajshahi and Natore districts.


The Drug Abuse Resistance and Understanding (DARAU) project, funded by USAID and UKAID, is being implemented with the technical assistance of Promoting Advocacy and Rights (PAR) Counterpart International, Lighthouse Consortium, respectively Light House.

Project Duration

The project activities will run within November 6 November 2019 to 5 November 2021


Project Summary

The project is focusing on prevention to combat drug abuse demand reduction. Through strengthening the Civil Society Engagement, Media mechanism and enforcement of laws, policy and photocell which are available and increase fund allocation for combating drug abuse through sensitizing and influencing the local government including the politicians of Rajshahi and Natore districts. Dhaka Ahsania Mission will play an active role in implementing the objectives of the project, including advocating with civil society networks, the media, national and local government representatives and policy makers on national issues. By this project the common folk of the designated area come to know about negative impact of drug addiction and getting aware of it. With this awareness the young generation can be saved from the dangerous grip of drugs. Standing beside people as well as government, the Project “DARAU” will play an immense social movement against drug.

The project focuses on
  • Raising awareness among families and communities in the upazilasof Rajshahi and Natore districts about the harmful effects of drug abuse through social movements.
  • Formulating instruction and fund increase to fight against Drug Abuse, sensitizing political figures of Rajshahi and Natore District who can influence the local government authority.
  • Strengthen and improve the strategy of civil society organization activities, so that current laws, policies and protocols are applied.
Main Activities

With the 3 main objective project activity is being implemented –

Objective – 1 : To create awareness on the adverse effects of drug abuse at the family and community level in Rajshahi and Natore districts through social mobilization.

Under this objective main activity are-

  1. Promote or strengthen the civic participation of women :
  • Form Community Action Group comprise with women/girls and orient
  • Organize meeting with upazila drug prevention and advertising committee
  • Form Youth Brigades comprise with youth girls and trained on peer education
  • Organize signature campaign for youth females/girls
  • Orient female employees of microfinance organizations
  1. New mechanisms created for civil society and government engagement to respond to citizen needs :
  • Form CSO Led Network and orient members
  • Organize dialogue with the drug control and publicity committees
  • Participating GO/NGO quarterly coordination meeting
  • Briefing meeting print and electronic media
  • Sharing of learning and best practice
  1. Awareness about substances of drugs and its effects in lives:
  • Organize annual sports tournaments and cultural program
  • Develop, print and distribute IEC/BCC
  • Day observation

Objective – 2 : To sensitize and influence local governments and sub-national level politicians to introduce effective policy measures and increase allocation of resources to combat drug abuse in targeted districts.

Under this objective main activity are-

  1. Create public policies upon by government consistent with citizen input :
  • Advocacy meeting with local government authorities
  • Organize round table meeting with the journalist association
  • Conduct advocacy meeting with NGOAB, DNC/MoHA and Media .
  • Advocacy meeting with the GOB training agencies.
  • Orient the teachers/trainers of GoB training agencies
  • Organize dialogue with religious leader’s association.

Objective – 3 : To develop and strengthen CSO engagement CSO engagement mechanism for enforcement of law, policies and protocol available.

Under this objective main activity are-

  • CSO Network From at district level as part of social mechanism to rise voice for drug abuse control and monitor the enforcement of existing laws and policies through undertaking consultative meetings.
  • Organize orientation meeting for CSO network.
  • Organize advocacy meeting and provide technical assistance ministry of  the ministry of DSS ,MOCWA, Youth & Sports, Religious Affairs, Education to strengthening their training/education curriculum with drug consequences and its prevention as well as orient the teachers and trainers.
  • Work with religious leaders association to add issue in combating drug abuse in khutba sermons.
  • CSO network will organize six monthly dialogue with the district and upazila drug control committee.
  • Organize briefing meeting to mobilize print and electronic media.
  • Organize advocacy meeting with MOHA in cooperation with DNC and media to amend the drug treatment rules (2005) .