Children Center

Evidence based children friendly drug treatment and rehabilitation program of DAM

Location: Detoxification center located in Gazipur district and Rehabilitation Center is Panchagarh district. After detoxification DAM refers children clients to Ahsania Mission Children City in Panchagarh.

Detoxification Services: DAM is providing high quality evidence based and voluntary detoxification to the children. The detoxification (14 days) is being provided following a standard treatment protocol. All street children willing to have detoxification services be undergo detailed medical and psychosocial assessment. DAM is following evidence-based medical detoxification to safely manage the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal. Treatment address the individual’s substance use and any associated medical, psychological problems.

Treatment & Rehabilitation Phase: During treatment & rehabilitation phase, all the clients are receiving counseling, psychosocial education and recreation services. Case managers are responsible for case management, follow-up and continuum of care. All treatments respect the human rights of children and require informed and voluntary consent prior to commencement.

Counseling and Psychosocial Support: Counselors are enhancing children motivation for change at each stage of the change process of drug dependency, because children need and use different kinds of motivational support, according to their stage of change. Counselors are conduct one-on-one and group counseling.

Life Skill:Life skills training is providing during treatment and rehabilitation period this would include communication skills, personal skills, coping skills, enhance self esteem and anger management.

Recreational Activities: DAM is ensuring various kinds recreation – indoor & outdoor games including TV watching, reading books and newspapers, playing Carom, Ludu and Chess, football, cricket etc. There are also facilitated for organizing cultural events by and for the clients.

Ensure Follow-up and After Care for the Drug Treatment Completed: After completion of the detoxification/rehabilitation program, Children are being referred to rehabilitatin centers for ensuring follow up and after care.

Ahsania Mission Children City ( : The Ahsania Mission Children City comprises 10 children villages with 10,000 destitute children including drug users. Each village develops as self-sufficient with necessary infrastructure, staff and facilities to provide full time residential accommodation and production of total food requirement for the total enrolled children. Ahsania Mission Children City is governed by specific several committees in congruence with child right conventions and child right policies of Bangladesh government

Protection of child rights: DAM is a strong advocate of “Child Rights”. It has its own Child Protection Policy. The AMCC has been prepared to protect child rights as well as human rights of the children who are most vulnerable and provide them all facilities and human rights. Child rights are being ensured throughout the activities.

Enrolment criteria: Street children of 6-8 years of age who live, work, play and sleep on the streets are being the beneficiaries of AMCC. Children are being selected from most vulnerable children (MVC) of the disadvantaged families with equal treatment of both sex (boys and girls)

Accommodation: AMCC is providing full residential accommodation with modern living standard and appropriate security. There is separate age group based dormitory for girls and boys. Maximum cleanliness and hygiene practices are maintaining in the dormitory. All dormitory are a peaceful living place for nurturing open mind and thinking.

Food and Cloths: Age specific nutritious food is providing to all children having provision of special diets for special days. Age and gender appropriate cloths are providing including school uniform.

Education: AMCC provides free education up to Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate HSC if needed. Competency of NCTB (govt.) curriculum is following in the AMCC curriculum. In addition, specialized education for learning about health, hygiene, sanitation, discipline, human rights and civic responsibilities etc are providing. AMCC has rich library and adequate supplementary materials for school and college.

Air Conditioned Dormitory

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