Cause of drug use

  • Curiosity: To experiment, new thrill, excitement, as a source of fun.
  • Peer pressure: To be accepted, to be popular, and to impress friends.
  • Family Factor: Broken or abusing family factors, some one in the family could also be consuming drugs.
  • Stress: To avoid and relieve stress, to increase energy to study through the night.
  • Role models: Some one in the circle of friends and acquaintance whom they look up to may be abusing drugs. It could also be a media role model or a family member.
  • Myths about social acceptance: Young people may believe that taking dugs indicates higher social, economics status, superiority, confidence and independence.
  • Self imaging: To deal with complexes of weight, beauty, sexuality, poor body concept.
  • Escapism: To forget or solve problems- financial, sexual and social.